Plaid Cymru have announced their candidate for the Swansea West constituency in the general election to be held on 8 June.

Rhydian Elis Fitter, a graduate of Swansea University and local resident, said:

"I felt compelled to stand in this election because Wales has been completely ignored in the Brexit negotiations so far. It’s clear Labour are incapable of providing the strong voice Wales needs while they’re too busy fighting amongst themselves.

"The Tories will win a big majority in England. The only way to stop them from grabbing power and money from Wales is to elect as great a number as possible of Plaid Cymru MPs.”

Rhydian Elis Fitter works for Assembly Member Dr Dai Lloyd, who won a South-west Wales regional seat for the party last year and is therefore experienced in assisting local people with all types of issues.

"Unless we ensure a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs, the Tory Party will have a free hand to put Welsh people’s futures at risk," said Dr Lloyd.

"Labour have already given up on winning this election - that's why in Wales it is a straight fight between Plaid and the Tories.

"I know that Rhydian Fitter will make an excellent MP - and give the people of Swansea West the strong voice we need to fight for us in Westminster."


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