'Let's Recycle All That Christmas Packaging'


An appeal to ensure the recycling of Christmas packaging has been made by senior Welsh Assembly Member Dr Dai Lloyd.

This week households everywhere will be having to get rid of large quantities of packaging material - and I would like to see Wales leading the way in ensuring it is all recycled wherever possible, said Dr Lloyd, a Plaid Cymru South-west Wales AM.

"One major concern is the volume of polystyrene packaging which ends up in landfill, or worse is disposed of carelessly", he said.

"Polystyrene can break up into miniscule fragments that attract toxins - a cause of increasing concern in the environment and increasingly damaging for marine life.

"I am pleased that Swansea Council for example has recently reintroduced recycling of polystyrene at its Clyne household waste recycling centre at Derwen Fawr Road, Sketty after an inexplicable two-year gap.

"It is now possible to take polystyrene waste to the Clyne centre, Garngoch, Tir John and Penlan as well as Llansamlet instead of dumping it in black bags, and I would urge all who can do so to take advantage of this facility.

"I see no reason why all other Welsh councils can't follow suit.

"Recycled polystyrene can be put to all sorts of good uses, such as garden furniture, roof tiles, building materials, coat hangers and CD cases."