Save Swansea Museum Call by Assembly Member


The discovery of a £3 million Old Master underlines the crucial importance of saving Swansea Museum, says Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Dr Dai Lloyd.

The painting, by the leading Flemish Baroque artist Jacob Jordaens, is thought to have belonged to Swansea Museum for nearly 150 years.

The museum celebrates its 175th birthday this year - but faces the prospect of rundown because of spending cuts facing Swansea Council.  A number of museum staff have already departed, with further redundancies planned during this financial year.

"This discovery highlights just what a priceless asset the city of Swansea possesses in its own museum and in the Collection Centre at Hafod", said Dr Lloyd.

"This is something we should celebrate and develop, not run down.

"There is a real and present danger that cutbacks to key staff could mean closure - a disaster for Swansea and the whole of Wales.

"I am calling on the Welsh Government to set up a joint task force with Swansea Council with a brief of ensuring the long-term stability of the Museum and its associated cultural services."