Guarantee Museum's Future, Plaid Tells Council


Swansea Museum

Plaid Cymru has called on Swansea Council to guarantee the future of the city's own Swansea Museum, which faces severe budget cuts.
"Swansea Museum is a unique asset that makes a vital contribution to the life of our community", said Plaid's prospective Assembly candidate for Swansea West, Dr Dai Lloyd.
"The Labour council's threatened cuts would deprive thousands of children of a priceless educational experience", said Dr Lloyd, who works as a local GP.
"Swansea Museum celebrates the history and heritage of the city - rundown would be an act of sheer vandalism".
Dr Lloyd welcomed the launch of a petition to save Swansea Museum on the 38 website.
The petition, signed by over 2,300 people in just three days, can be found at: