Let Wales Run Police and Courts - Plaid


Plaid Cymru has stepped up the pressure for Wales to take over law and order following revelations of a "shambles" in administration by Westminster.

Plaid's prospective Swansea West Assembly candidate Dr Dai Lloyd said that the latest disclosures of Home Office incompetence highlighted the need for the police and criminal justice to be devolved.

The report by the Commons Home Affairs Committee was a damning indictment of the way bumbling London government treats our police men and women, said Dr Lloyd, a Swansea GP.

"The report shows that the Home Office kept police and crime commissioners in the dark - and then had police force funding 'plummet in some cases and rise meteorically in others'.

"This is far from being the only instance of Home Office failure - and yet the Tory government has the effrontery to refuse Wales the right to run policing and the courts for ourselves.

"Why should Wales be singled out for this discrimination?  Scotland and Northern Ireland are considered capable of making their own decisions - with full control of police and the courts."