Improve Bill or Go, Plaid tells Crabb


A leading Plaid Cymru candidate is calling on Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb to resign if he fails to secure adequate powers for the Welsh Assembly.

Swansea West Assembly candidate Dr Dai Lloyd says that new information released by UK Government legal advisors shows that Mr Crabb had misled people by denying that the current Wales Bill would weaken the Assembly's powers.

"The latest revelations blow Stephen Crabb's case out of the water", says Dr Lloyd, a former Assembly Member who will be contesting the Swansea West constituency in next May's elections.

"The UK Government now admit that five laws passed by the National Assembly would need the consent of a Westminster minister under the terms of the new Wales Bill.

"The Tories' Bill has been shown by their own experts to be a sham - which weakens devolution rather than strengthening it.

"Why not treat Wales as a proper nation, and equip us with the powers now being vested in the Scottish parliament?"

"If Stephen Crabb cannot persuade his fellow Tories to ensure a decent devolution settlement for Wales, then he should go."