Refugee Crisis Call by Plaid


A leading Plaid Cymru Assembly candidate is calling on the Welsh Government to take the lead in helping Syrian refugees.

Swansea West prospective candidate Dr Dai Lloyd said that Wales should play a major role in protecting victims of conflict in the Middle East.

"Throughout this crisis the UK government's position has been one of doing too little, too late", Dr Lloyd, former Assembly Member for Wales South West, will tell a rally in support of Syrian refugees (at 1:30pm Saturday, 19 September 2015 in Castle Square, Swansea).

"There are currently four million people living in refugee camps in countries bordering Syria - and with winter round the corner it is vital to step up efforts to assist them.

"Wales has a first-class record in helping people in dire need, and now is the time for that fine tradition to be upheld as never before."

Dr Lloyd, a Swansea GP, adds: “With the UK’s history of meddling in the affairs of the Middle East – especially the illegal  invasion of Iraq – we all must accept that this crisis is partly of our making.

"David Cameron is adopting the easy way out by highlighting aid supplied to the refugee camps by the UK, but with four million and more mouths to feed that barely represents £250 per refugee.

"Germany has welcomed nearly a hundred thousand refugees in a few days – and is providing them with food and shelter.  That makes Cameron’s efforts look quite feeble, and is a fraction of the costs of bombing Iraq in the last few years."