Plaid Cymru's Manifesto for Swansea

We aim at a forward-looking 21st century city proud of its Welsh heritage

• Continue our support for promotion of Swansea as a City of Culture, with measures such as expansion of Swansea Museum.
• Promote affordable social housing, and end Council sell-off of land to developers.
• Reopen local railway stations, e.g. Cockett.
• Support the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project.
• Promote redevelopment of St Helen’s so that county cricket can return to Swansea.
• Develop opportunities for young people.
• Ensure support at community level for dealing with mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.
• Deal with fly-tipping.
• End the neglect of community buildings – e.g. the Boys Club at Mayhill - and infrastructure throughout the City of Swansea.
• Ensure local sourcing of Council projects and encourage local business development.
• No more high-rise buildings!
• Enhance police presence in the community.
• No more tinkering with the city centre traffic system!
• Act to ensure accountability and responsibility of HMO landlords.
• Introduce a firm policy to control the use of pesticides and ensure recycling of plastic, etc.
• Defend our bus service network, ensuring greater availability, reliable services and reasonable fares.
• Continue provision of cycle paths.